We support the principle ‘management by objectives’ to determine set objectives or standards when measuring our performance. More »

Our personnel is selected on a strict screening procedure involving psychometric tests, credit checks, and are subject to ongoing performance appraisal to assure excellence in service delivery. More »

We have the diversity to provide CCTV systems from entry level to the most complex and advanced digital systems available. Whether the project is big or small, the same care and understanding of the clients’ needs are taken into account. More »

Upon request All is Well addresses community meetings on crime locations crime trends and patterns and also offers tailor made solution. More »

Sites are protected by perimeter electronics. Should an intrusion occur the system dials the Control Room and the area of intrusion is displayed. Our highly trained operators view the site, warn the intruders via the audio link to vacate the premises and dispatch armed response or the SAPS to deal with the situation. More »


Vision and Mision

To meet the everyday Safety and Security needs of our clients and anticipate the individual unique contextual needs of them, through quality recruitment, continuous staff development coupled with technological innovation application.

We intend to:

• Contribute in effective reduction of crime rate in South Africa
• Guard and protect the interests of our clients ensuring peace and stability prevails.
• Implement preventive, investigative and situational analysis prior to incidents arising
• Work in collaboration with the police Service and the Intelligence in curbing crime and violence.
• Take full responsibility and accountability to protect our clients interests and the public at large.

Listening to You for You

We respect the objectives of our clients and strive to achieve them.
Our personnel have high integrity which is evident through professional conduct and loyalty.
We also deploy dynamic and fully trained personnel to Listen to you and for you.
There is continuous personnel development, transformation and upgrading of procedures and systems to maintain our competitive advantage.
More importantly the voice of our clients is our command, we listen to you.

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