We support the principle ‘management by objectives’ to determine set objectives or standards when measuring our performance. More »

Our personnel is selected on a strict screening procedure involving psychometric tests, credit checks, and are subject to ongoing performance appraisal to assure excellence in service delivery. More »

We have the diversity to provide CCTV systems from entry level to the most complex and advanced digital systems available. Whether the project is big or small, the same care and understanding of the clients’ needs are taken into account. More »

Upon request All is Well addresses community meetings on crime locations crime trends and patterns and also offers tailor made solution. More »

Sites are protected by perimeter electronics. Should an intrusion occur the system dials the Control Room and the area of intrusion is displayed. Our highly trained operators view the site, warn the intruders via the audio link to vacate the premises and dispatch armed response or the SAPS to deal with the situation. More »


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Quick thinking for ultimate safety

Whether it is staff protection during periods of industrial unrest, individual protection, a chauffeur and close order protection, or crisis management in the face of an environmental threat to a company, that is required, All is Well Special Operations’ employees have what it takes to handle the most adverse situations. The strategy is one of diffusion.

Low-key deployment however, is backed up by high level support and ability to execute. A commanding officer is always on the ground for quick, decisive decision-making.

Sponsoring an event, where crowd control was problematic for example, could have an extremely negative effect on a company’s image and bottom-line. As an extension of public order policing, All is Well Event Management provides a turnkey service, including:
• Access control
• General crowd control
• Safety and security for performers, players
• VIPs and attendees crisis management
• Emergency exit control

The strategy deployed ensures the level of response does not surpass the level of danger. In other words, situations are diffused before being allowed to reach a level where physical safety is compromised.

Previous Events

South Africa has encountered a series of incidents in which children are abused by parents, intruders, house breakers in the society in which they are meant to be protected. In the light of theses circumstances All is Well Security Services embarked on a child abuse awareness campaign in Hillbrow, Yeoville, Johannesburg Central, and Parktown. Research has shown that these are the areas in which violence and child abuse is rife. All is Well is adamant on this stand to reduce the occurrence of these incidences. We would like to express gratitude to the SAPS Yeoville community press and the Mayor and many more who made this day a success.